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Addicted sandwitch

Since my friend show me the baby spinach sandwich, I’m hocked! Go Sams Club and buy a bag of croissant, baby spinach, Cheese, and hams. Simple but SO DELICIOUS!! Many of my friends don’t believe microwaved spinach in sandwich..but just try it…and let me know your opinion. I bet you don’t regret!


Easter is here! Egg hunting and cooking!

BBQ in Kailua Beach

This passed 3 weekend, we are grilling, and gathering in Kailua beach. Lay down on the hammock and start drawing.. Tummy happy.. sleepy now.

Wow!! Eatable flower!

Just because… A surprise gift was arrived at my work. Thank you honey!! Eatable flower with cute water pot. Perfect for my garden. xoxo


Start eating health!! That’s what I need…

Happy kitchen

It’s so hard to walk around and do regular stuff with crutches. Even carrying one cup of coffee, it’s impossible not to spill any coffee on the floor. I wish Disney-Pixar Toy Story is real, and help me out a little, or kitchen’s dishes have life and move for me… that sounds…so awesome right now…mmmm

Lines and circles

I haven’t had much time to draw lately. I forgot about how fun it is. After a strange turn of events, I just grabbed the paper and started drawing. Just randomly drew nonrepresentational objects…and see what will come up. After all, I decided to color them on Illustrator. Well… I did scan them and opened the Illustrator […]