Easter is here! Egg hunting and cooking!

SakulaBridal.com Business Card

Sakla Bridal Business card is arrived.Had troubles with Printing Company and took forever.. but finally!!

Sunset in Lahaina, Maui

Today’s sunset was so beautiful. After the hours of driving around the island, feels so good.

Japanese stamps

Happy New Year 2012

pop the cherry together.. ginger cookie house!

I found a cheap ginger cookie house in Costco. Yey!

Both first time decorating ginger bread house. I saw my friend’s posts on Facebook and wanted to make one so badly!

Since I only bought one house, we decided to decorate each one side.

Didn’t know when to eat… ended up just throwing out.. next year… definitely we gotta eat it!!

Fruits buscket

My friend’s birthday.



Wanted make something for our 1st tree together…

Yes. We don’t have snow in Hawaii, but at least I can make some snowmen.. =)

1st Chara-ben

So, I heard “Chara-ben” is pretty popular in Japan for pre-school kids.

I remember my mother made me “chara-ben” when I was in pre-school..over a couple decade ago. That time, no one was doing this… I was so lucky!!

After I checked my hubby is in a deep sleep, my first challenge for Chara-ben started! Didn’t realized how time flies! My hubby’s favorite…batsu-maru.

Hope I can make him a smile tomorrow!

Happy Halloween!


I never carved pumpkin before. My hubby remembered my wish..took me to the market to pick pumpkin.
I picked small one. Wrong idea! It was hard to reach inside the pumpkin and scrape out the “pumpkin guts”!!
When we lighted up the inside, I smelled pumpkin pie… Yup, the candles light was cooking my poor small pumpkin!!

Opppps!! Forgot to save those seeds too!