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Sunset in Lahaina, Maui

Today’s sunset was so beautiful. After the hours of driving around the island, feels so good.

Christmas in Hawaii..

Sunset in Koolina, Hawaii

It’s far from town… but Koolina’s sunset always makes me smile. Live Aloha.


Tonight is going crazy. Lightning after lighting. Waiting my husband to come home… grabbed camera and start shooting.

Walking at night..

Haven’t walk on the sand at night in Waikiki… Hope tomorrow is good day too.


The moment that I know I live in Hawaii… awesome sunsets.  


Last week I wrote about pink flower. This is it! Isn’t it gorgeous!? I saw one blooming flower when I passed by this morning, so I went to stop by after work to take more pictures. Sadly, it already fell off on the ground.


Yesterday I was in the mood of photography. So I shot pictures of fruits and flowers after work. I realized almost all the houses have at least one fruits tree on their yard. I saw some stranger just grabbed the orange from the tree and left… really? We can do that!? I also found the […]


When I was doing laundry this morning, I found Gecko in my yard. He (?) was pulling out his orange sack from his chin. It was gorgeous. I ran to the upstairs and grabbed my camera. After the laundry I went to the Waikiki Aquarium. Underwater creatures: corals, fishes, sharks…each creature has such nice colors […]