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My room is really light and airy living room. If I leave my room’s windows and door open,  I don’t need A/C. However I need a privacy. All my housemates have a curtain at the door. Great idea! I found a perfect fabric for that, too.  It used to be a skirt. I dyed the […]


After I came back from Japan, I realized it is not fun to touch yarn here in Hawaii. Because it is not cold at all! It gets chilly and I love to wear boots and jackets, but not cold enough to wear a muffler… I think the weather dominate people’s behavior. People feel lonely and […]

Yarn from 10 years ago

Last January I went to visit my dad’s house in Japan. It’s been 10 years since I left the house and went my own way. I went his storage and opened my closet to clean it up. I was looking for the jackets that my mother had left. Sadly I couldn’t find them. My stepmother […]