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pop the cherry together.. ginger cookie house!

I found a cheap ginger cookie house in Costco. Yey! Both first time decorating ginger bread house. I saw my friend’s posts on Facebook and wanted to make one so badly! Since I only bought one house, we decided to decorate each one side. Didn’t know when to eat… ended up just throwing out.. next […]

Fruits buscket

My friend’s birthday.  

1st Chara-ben

So, I heard “Chara-ben” is pretty popular in Japan for pre-school kids. I remember my mother made me “chara-ben” when I was in pre-school..over a couple decade ago. That time, no one was doing this… I was so lucky!! After I checked my hubby is in a deep sleep, my first challenge for Chara-ben started! Didn’t […]

Peek a boo muffin

Peek a booooo! I love this poppy seeds + blueberry muffin.

Good morning with fresh baking smell..

Bought a bread maker by Zojirushi. Love it!!!!

Definitely something went wrong..

It was from same cookie dough.. except cocoa. One became dolphin, one became whale….!?!? I will never use that recipe from online. (-_-);


My Hawaii’s grandfather taught me his secret recipe of corned beef…cornbread. A couple days ago, he asked me whether I want to learn how to cook corned beef. I said “Sure!”. Today he called me from downstairs and told me to buy a cornmeal from the store. Cornmeal for corned beef…? I was questioning a […]