Cloud in the sky..

Be happy. Always look up the sky and smile. Well, blue oil crayon are gone… but I kinda like that unfinished third panel. haha.

Shoki Ramen House Webiste is up!

Ramen Shop in Sacramento. Yummy!

Sakula Bridal is up!

I welcome you to.. Sakula Bridal =)


Found the wood color pencils at TJ Maxx! Outside is sunny, why don’t we bring our canvas and pencils and draw!

2 together…

We moved to new place and walls are white and empty!! Let’s put some colors on and smile.


So how I feel like today??? Well… let’s find out from my drawing.. I’m in love with oil crayon!


Back to school sale. Found the oil crayons for 50 cent. Gotta have it!! First time to use oil crayons, but just drew what I feel like.. I thought I was calm with no feeling, but I guess I was a little upset. Now I feel better.. let’s cook!!

Little by little…

Not sure when I will finish it… Look!! it’s not even 5% of canvas yet!! Awww…one day… one day…

Clarence Nishihara Website Up!

Sen Clarence Nishihara’s site is UP! A model of integrity, honesty, and kindness… Let’s re-elecct Sen Nihihara!  

Addicted sandwitch

Since my friend show me the baby spinach sandwich, I’m hocked! Go Sams Club and buy a bag of croissant, baby spinach, Cheese, and hams. Simple but SO DELICIOUS!! Many of my friends don’t believe microwaved spinach in sandwich..but just try it…and let me know your opinion. I bet you don’t regret!