All posts for the month April, 2010


My room is really light and airy living room. If I leave my room’s windows and door open,  I don’t need A/C. However I need a privacy. All my housemates have a curtain at the door. Great idea! I found a perfect fabric for that, too.  It used to be a skirt. I dyed the […]


According to Japanese almanac, this year is Yaku (bad luck) year for me. Man and woman’s Yaku years are different.  Some say Yaku years are referred to human system. So especially that year, the person should be very careful of grief and mischief and also one’s health. My stepmother said its better if I carry around […]


I never did Easter hunting. Looks fun. I bought plastic eggs to do something… the sweets in some eggs, some surprise in some eggs.. Fun hiding something in the egg and see people’s face when they open it. It’s like jack-in-a-box. I cannot wait to do real Easter hunting…yeah one day..