All posts for the month March, 2010


Last week I wrote about pink flower. This is it! Isn’t it gorgeous!? I saw one blooming flower when I passed by this morning, so I went to stop by after work to take more pictures. Sadly, it already fell off on the ground.


When I go beach, I always look for puka shells. I have one secret point for puka shell hunting (I haven’t been there in years though)… Beside that place, if I’m lucky, I can find about 5 puka shells and only the few of them are perfectly rounded white puka shells. Today I found 7 […]


Yesterday I was in the mood of photography. So I shot pictures of fruits and flowers after work. I realized almost all the houses have at least one fruits tree on their yard. I saw some stranger just grabbed the orange from the tree and left… really? We can do that!? I also found the […]

Lines and circles

I haven’t had much time to draw lately. I forgot about how fun it is. After a strange turn of events, I just grabbed the paper and started drawing. Just randomly drew nonrepresentational objects…and see what will come up. After all, I decided to color them on Illustrator. Well… I did scan them and opened the Illustrator […]


I stayed over at my girlfriend’s house in Kaneohe this weekend. The sounds that I hear from her house are totally different from my house. There is no sounds of passing cars and very calm. The roosters crowed at dawn. I lay in bed listening to the birds singing. I sat down her backyard and […]


After I came back from Japan, I realized it is not fun to touch yarn here in Hawaii. Because it is not cold at all! It gets chilly and I love to wear boots and jackets, but not cold enough to wear a muffler… I think the weather dominate people’s behavior. People feel lonely and […]


When I was doing laundry this morning, I found Gecko in my yard. He (?) was pulling out his orange sack from his chin. It was gorgeous. I ran to the upstairs and grabbed my camera. After the laundry I went to the Waikiki Aquarium. Underwater creatures: corals, fishes, sharks…each creature has such nice colors […]